How to Choose the Best Real Wood Writing Desk

real wood writing desk
real wood writing desk

Adding a real wood writing desk to your home can add style and warmth to the atmosphere while providing a highly functional workspace.

Writing desks are designed to keep you organized, productive, and comfortable whether you’re writing a Facebook post or a play that could rival Shakespeare.

Before you purchase a writing desk, there are a few things to consider first. You’ll want to know the size of the desk you need, what height works best for you, what functions it should have, and what material it should be made from.

We have broken it all down for you in this guide to buying a real wood writing desk.

Writing Desk vs. Computer Desk

real wood writing desk walnut

Many options in both categories can comfortably be used interchangeably, but there are a few key differences that are worth knowing about to make sure you end up with the right choice for your needs.

Writing desks are typically more minimal in design, with small drawers for storing pens, pencils, and paper. They come in all different sizes but are usually smaller than the average computer desk, as less surface area is required for the task.

You can go for a roll-top writing desk if you want to hide the desk’s clutter when not in use. Drafting desks, also known as artist desks, allow you to adjust the angle of the desktop for better comfort over long periods of time.

Computer desks are usually larger to accommodate the computers and have more features designed with technology in mind. They may have keyboard trays or a built-in platform on the desktop.

Choose the Right Size Desk

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Picking the right size of desk to suit your needs is more involved than you may think. Knowing the length and width that your space can accommodate is important, but it has to fit your own size and needs.

Think about the most common ways you will use your new desk. Do you just need a small writing area, or will you need enough room for multiple stacks of books and papers? If you will be using a computer and keyboard, will the desk be wide enough? Taking the time to properly plan the size of your desk can save you from a lot of frustrating trial and error down the road.

Your writing desk doesn’t only need to fit your space. It needs to fit you, too! The height of a writing desk will make a huge difference to how comfortable you are using it. If it’s too short, you’ll end up with rounded shoulders and sore knees. Too tall, and your arms will fall asleep from being raised all the time.

We wrote a comprehensive guide on sizing desks and proper ergonomics, which is worth checking out for more info.

Deciding if Real Wood Is the Best Option for You

real wood mako desk

It is.

Ok, so we’re a bit biased, but for good reason. Going with a solid wood writing desk means you’ll be getting a durable, finely crafted work of art that’s worthy of the masterpieces you’ll write on it. Unlike mass-produced desks made with cheap materials, a solid wood piece of furniture is going to last you decades. Take good enough care of it, and it will have a place in your family for generations.

Not only is real wood more durable than other materials, but it’s also far easier to maintain. Cleaning is a breeze, and scratches can be filled or sanded. Real wood furniture can change with your evolving tastes as it can be refinished or hardware changed when you’re ready for a new look. A real wood desk can be modified to add function or style for a piece that is truly yours.

One of the best benefits of real wood furniture is the timeless beauty it provides. The stunning colors and natural patterns of the grain look at home in every aesthetic. Wood furniture brings warmth and movement to a space in a way that no other material can.

Finished vs. Unfinished

unfinished wood writing desk

Another perk of buying a real wood writing desk is being able to decide if you want a finished or unfinished piece.

A finished piece of furniture has been sanded, and a finish applied, such as a clear varnish or stain. It’s ready for you to set up at home and start using right away. With a finished desk, you know exactly what you’re getting as you see the finished product before you get it. If you want something more customized to your tastes, however, then you may want to consider something unfinished.

Unfinished desks are cheaper than their finished counterparts. You get to see the desk in its raw form, so you can be sure that no flaws are hiding under the stain. If you want the workshop to customize your desk, it’s much easier for them to modify it before it’s finished. You get to pick the hardware and stain or clean coat that matches your home perfectly and either apply it yourself or have the workshop do it.

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