What is Live Edge Furniture?

When decorating a home or a business, there are several options that you can find when it comes to the type of materials that you use and the overall design theme that you go with. One such option is Live Edge Furniture.

This is a bold design concept that many people love, whether you are a traditional or more modern type of design lover.

What is Live Edge?

So, what is a live edge?

The best way to explain this is that this is a wood that actually shows the age of the tree in which it came from. The edge is not touched, given it a natural feel which is where it gets the name “Live Edge”.

live edge tree

It shows a detail that is not going to be found with other types of wood. And it can be used in almost any type of furniture that is on the market. For example, Live Edge chairs and tables, as well as countertops.

Many people who use this are looking for a more natural look than what can be found with mass produced woods on the market or even with stone or other types of materials.

Live Edge Furniture Types

When it comes to furniture, you will find that there is no limit as to what Live Edge can be used for.

Live Edge furniture adds a touch of elegance and nature into any home or business.

Plus, they are sure to be something that gets people talking as they are beautiful in their own right.

Since there is really no limit on what can be done, one of the most popular pieces of furniture you will find are Live Edge Tables.

live edge furniture dining table

There are those who have large dining room tables that use the Live Edge method, while others may go smaller with a coffee table and matching end tables.

What makes this even more special is that many homes get all their tables made in this format and from the same tree.

This adds a unique aspect to their decor as they can say that the Live Edge furniture was made from the same tree.

One of the more popular options that is being seen right now is live edge shelving that is free floating.

live edge floating shelf

It creates a lovely look on any wall. When combined with a neutral color, you will find that it really stands out and is strong enough to hold whatever is needed on these shelves.

Live Edge Furniture Design Tips

live edge furniture design

For those who are designing with Live Edge furniture, there are several tips that they can utilize in this design to make this beautiful furniture stand out even more.

  1. Consider putting tables with metal chairs. This way you are getting a natural and modern look all in one.
  2. Combine these furniture pieces with any color, but they will look amazing with neutral colors so that the wood stands out.
  3. Instead of a mass produced butcher block for your kitchen, consider a Live Edge countertop. It will add some characteristics to your kitchen that could not be found before.
  4. These pieces of wood often have what many people would consider ‘flaws’. However, remember that when it comes to Live Edge furniture, the whole idea is to embrace these flaws. Use the Live Edge design to highlight the entire room, flaws and all.
  5. Wood pieces using the Live Edge method can be combined with glass for a unique one of a kind look. A mix of nature and elegance that is hard to find anywhere else as it will be one of a kind thanks to the natural edge.

When you are designing with Live Edge furniture, you will find that simply going with your gut instinct and just choosing what you want is going to be the best thing that you can do.

Live Edge Furniture Popularity

When it comes to the Live Edge design, the popularity of these pieces is skyrocketing.

People are now realizing just how much true craftsmanship goes into these Live Edge furniture pieces that they are putting in their homes and offices.

Live Edge Furniture Popularity

The options are numerous including conference tables, kitchen dining room tables, counters for your bathroom or even kitchen, a desk for your small home office, coffee and end tables for your living area, and the list goes on.

With the versatility that these pieces offer, they are something that many people are grabbing ahold of as this works with just about any type of design that you have in mind for your home or business.

For those who are looking for a piece of furniture that is beautiful, yet also help to maintain some of the natural elements from the tree that it was made from, Live Edge furniture is the best way to go.

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