Organize Your Home With Wall Cabinets

wall cabinets colorado springs
wall cabinets colorado springs

Most people know that well-designed ​kitchen cabinets​ can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping their kitchen organized and tidy. However, the benefits of cabinets aren’t limited to your kitchen.

Wall cabinets can be added to almost any room that has more items than it does storage space.

Custom wall cabinets can be designed to perfectly compliment the space they are in. They can improve the aesthetic of a room while offering ample storage and consuming very little floor space.

How to Plan Wall Cabinets That Fit Your Lifestyle

Before you start shopping, it’s important to spend time thinking about both the look of the cabinets and the functionality that will suit your lifestyle best.

Taking your time on the decision can save you time and frustration down the road.

What Will You Be Storing in Your Cabinets?

The key to making your wall cabinet work for you is spending some time deciding how you are going to use it. The individual cabinets and drawers are available in a variety of configurations. If you’re going custom, then the sky is the limit.

If you want to hang clothes, make sure the design includes a large cupboard with a hanging rail. When planning on using it to store extra bedding and towels, consider lots of adjustable shelves. If you want your cabinet to include drawers, should they be deep or shallow?

How Much Space Do You Have?

Wall cabinets are an excellent storage option for homes that have minimal floor space. They take up very little square footage, which can be reduced to zero if they are designed as floating cabinets or built into the wall. If you are going for a custom option, you can have cabinets designed around existing features like exposed pipes or door frames.

Decide where you want your wall cabinet to be located and measure how much space is available.

Aesthetic Considerations When Choosing Wall Cabinets

Spending time deciding what style will suit your home the best is just as important as figuring out how your cabinet should function. Wall cabinets are large, and so is their impact in a room. To add drama to your space, go for something bold in a color that stands out from your current decor. If subtle is more your style, you can aim for minimal styling and paint the cabinet to match your walls.

Hardware can make a big statement and completely change the overall look of the wall cabinets. They are also an easy DIY project to upgrade when you want to freshen things up. Want to go from sleek metal handles to large, pink, rhinestone hardware? Why not? We won’t judge. Well, only a little.

Drawers and cabinet doors have a variety of trim options. Some feel rustic, others modern, or you could go for frameless cabinets for a minimalist feel. If you have decor you want to put on display, consider adding in a shelving unit with a glass door.

How to Decide Between Custom and Semi-Custom Wall Cabinets

wall cabinet mud room

Going to a professional woodshop when purchasing wood furniture will always provide you with more options than showroom shopping. Picking a stock wall cabinet from a catalog limits you to what someone else decided was practical. Color choices are limited, you’ll have minimal control over the storage configuration, and your home has to fit the cabinet rather than your cabinet being made to fit your home.

Thankfully, CO Lumber has custom and semi-custom options to ensure you can get exactly what you want.


Semi-custom cabinets mean they have been prefabricated but can be modified to suit your individual taste. There isn’t quite as much flexibility with semi-custom as there is with fully custom, but it is a more affordable way to go.

You can work with the woodshop to add features like framing on the cabinet doors, change the hardware, choose the color, and add or remove shelves.


Custom is the most expensive way to go but offers complete flexibility.

Having your wall cabinet custom-designed by an expert artisan means it will reflect you and your lifestyle both in function and aesthetic.

You can go for floating, built-in, or standing, depending on the available space. You can decide exactly how you want the cabinet configured to make sure the storage options fit its purpose precisely.

The cabinet can be painted any color you want, whether it is something that will stand out or an exact match of your walls.

To add more warmth to the space, you can opt to let the wood grain show through by finishing the cabinet with a clear coat or stain.

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