CO Lumber is the leading Colorado Springs lumber company, specializing in domestic hardwoods, exotics, and softwoods.

Our primary focus is interior hardwoods.

In our Colorado Springs warehouse, we carry a wide selection of interior lumber including:

  • Padauk
  • Purpleheart
  • Zebrawood
  • Brazilian Cherry
Lumber in Colorado Springs

We stock over 35 species of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Additionally, we have excellent relationships with the top lumber suppliers, so if there’s something we don’t have in stock, we can get it.

S2S Lumber List

S4S Lumber List

Sheet Goods List

Domestic Lumber

Most of our domestic lumber is surfaced on both faces, and the edges are rough.

Man working on a piece of lumber in Colorado Springs

We offer this for woodworkers, cabinet makers, or anyone who has the tools to take it from a slightly more rough state to a finished state.

S4S Lumber

We also have many kinds of wood that we carry in S4S, which is surface 4 sides, or 1 by material (1 by 2 through one by 12).

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This lumber is ready to be worked with right away as it has straight edges, is sanded on the face and back, so it’s ready for finishing.


Making a frame out of softwood lumber

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