How to Choose the Perfect Real Wood Desk

how to real wood desk
how to real wood desk

Choosing the perfect real wood desk can be a big task if you don’t know where to start. It will be the main furniture in your office so it needs to look like it belongs.

It has to be durable enough for regular use and comfortable enough to sit at for long periods.

It’s important to take your time considering the aesthetic, function, and dimensions that will best suit your needs.


Picking the size of your desk isn’t just a matter of making sure it fits in your space; it needs to fit you as well.

Too short and you’ll be facing neck and back pain from hunching over.

Too tall and you’ll be shrugging your shoulders while leaning forward, leading to…you probably guessed it…neck and back pain.


Taking time to pick the right size desk for you is not only about comfort, but also your long-term health. Poor ergonomics can lead to bad posture, injuries, and chronic pain.

Thankfully those concerns can be easily avoided by keeping a couple of factors in mind when picking your real wood desk.

The average office desk is around 29” tall, which won’t work for everyone.

When you sit at the desk you want to make sure your feet are flat on the floor with your forearm and arm at a 90-110 degree angle.

If the standard desk height doesn’t work for you, don’t fret; look for an alternative or have the the desk height modified for you.

Your eyes should be level with the top of your monitor. You can buy platforms to raise your monitor, or have one custom built for you that matches your desk.

Picking the right size for your space

wood desk size

The last thing you want to do is pick out the perfect desk just to get it home and realize you were a little over-ambitious with the size.

Start by deciding how much surface space you need.

If you plan to have multiple monitors and papers scattered around, you’ll want to make room for something fairly large with a completely open work surface.

However, if you only use your desk for a laptop, something less intrusive will do the job.

Make sure the wheelbase of your office chair will easily fit underneath the desk.

Desk styles

Once you know how much space you have for your desk, it will be easier to choose the style. Real wood desks come in a variety of functions so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one for you.

Think about how you’ll be using your desk and what features will aid your workflow. If you have a lot of supplies or electronics, consider something with a few drawers for storage. If you’re the tidy type with a single laptop, you may want a smaller and more minimalist option.

Here are a few of the more common desk types to get you started.

Executive desk

executive wood desk

The executive desk is a timeless statement piece that demands as much space as it does attention.

It offers a large amount of storage and a big work area; perfect for a professional wanting to add feelings of quality and professionalism to their space.

They can easily overwhelm small rooms, so are better suited for larger offices.

Writing desk

wood desk writing

Usually they are the most minimal option and come in a variety of sizes. The simple yet aesthetically pleasing design fits both the style and size of any office space.

Corner desk

corner wood desk

If space is a concern, corner desks can often be a good way to make the most out of the area you have. They are L-shaped and tuck into the corner of your office to maximize the amount of surface area available. The amount of storage they offer varies greatly.

Standing desk

standing wood desk

Excessive sitting has been linked to a variety of health conditions. Not great for many of us as our lives become increasingly tied to screens.

If you’re concerned about the amount of time you spend sitting, you may want to consider a standing desk. Many people choose to have a custom made standing desk, so that it’s perfect for their exact height.

Why choose a real wood desk?

Flat-pack furniture is of poor quality and terrible for the environment. It may be a cheap initial purchase, but it adds up when you’re taking it to the dump every few years and replacing it.

Real wood desks are a reliable friend that will last many lifetimes with the right care.

They are designed and built by experienced craftsmen who care about the workmanship and quality of what they create.

Real wood desks can be repaired in the rare case they are damaged, rather than needing to be replaced. If you decide to change your decor, your desk can change with it.

Real wood desks can be refinished time and time again to have a new color stain or paint.

If you really want a statement piece, you can go for a live edge desk and bring a piece of nature into your office.

A quality, real wood desk can change with your tastes without ever needing to be replaced. It’s far more than just a piece of furniture.

Finished vs Unfinished

One of the great features of real wood desks is the ability to customize it how you please.

Rather than being given a few colors to pick from, you can get exactly what you want both in function and style.


This is usually what you get when you’re browsing a showroom of real wood furniture. It means the desk has had the stain or paint applied and it’s ready to go home with you.

It’s a faster option and perfect if the desk you like has already been finished in the color of stain you want.


An unfinished real wood desk means the furniture has been put together but still needs the finishing touches.

There is nowhere to hide flaws in an unfinished desk; you’ll get to see the quality of the wood and craftsmanship.

You can request for the desk to be finished any way you’d like: clear varnish, stain, paint, etc..

If you’re looking for the furniture to be customized, unfinished is usually the cheaper option.

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