Go For the Real Thing: The Advantages of Natural Wood Furniture

Natural Wood Furniture
Natural Wood Furniture

Forget about finding creative ways to hack cheap, flat-packed furniture. The solution to getting the perfect dining table, free-standing wardrobe, or kitchen island stools is to buy only natural wood furniture.

Not only is solid natural wood furniture longer-lasting, more sustainable, and arguably more beautiful than its mass-manufactured counterparts, but you can customize it to your dimensions and decor preferences. And the slightly elevated price tag reflects the higher quality.

Read on to find out why real wood furniture should be the only choice for your home or office.

It Lasts a Long Time

There’s a reason why all the antique furniture you see is made of real wood. It’s such a durable material that it can literally last centuries, given the proper care and conditions. And all that means is a wax and polish now and then.

In many cases, families pass down prized natural solid wood furniture pieces from generation to generation. Hutches, rocking chairs, side tables—all imprinted with the wear and tear of everyday life, yet they still stand strong.

Unlike cheap furniture mass-manufactured from engineered wood or wood-look plastic, real wood furniture can be repaired. If a wardrobe door gets scratched, it can be sanded back and re-varnished or re-painted. If a leg snaps off a cabinet, it can be replaced.

It Supports Local Communities

Most solid wood furniture is crafted in small, family-run factories or workshops, in many cases entirely by hand—or at the very least, hand-finished.

By buying from these makers, your hard-earned money is going straight back into the local community rather than padding the already well-filled coffers of a multinational corporation.

Not only that, but these makers often source their materials from local suppliers. (In 2021, this couldn’t be more true since the COVID pandemic has disrupted global supply chains.) The materials travel fewer miles, lowering the carbon footprint, and come from sustainably managed American forests.

So you can rest easy in the knowledge that your money directly supports the economy and the environment.

It’s Unique

Whether you’re looking for a new bedroom set or choosing between a hutch and a china cabinet, you can be sure any real wood piece you buy is one-of-a-kind. That’s because of the nature of wood itself.

Even if you purchase the exact style of furniture from the same maker, the wood has unique properties that set it apart from any other item.

These properties include:

  • Natural color, which can vary dramatically between light and dark
  • Knots, which occur naturally yet randomly as the tree grows
  • Grain, which varies due to the type of tree and how it was cut

And, of course, the customization possibilities are almost endless with hand-crafted, solid wood furniture. Don’t be afraid to make your piece your own.

It Goes With Any Decor

Just like wood is durable, it also never goes out of style. In fact, some of the oldest Even designs from hundreds of years ago find their place in contemporary interiors. Part of the reason is that it was made to be functional no matter how ornate a piece.

Wood cabinetry and furniture pair well with almost any material, whether it’s an eight-seater dining table finished with a modern chrome chandelier or a king-sized bed with a headboard up against a feature wall adorned with flamingo wallpaper.

It Will Always Impress

If you’re looking for furniture with that “wow” factor, you can’t go past solid wood pieces.

A coffee table crafted from the remnants of a trunk—bark still attached and varnished, so it shines. A rustic Amish hutch desk that’s pleading with you to sit down and write letters with a fountain pen. A hand-detailed entertainment unit to complement those family movie nights at home.

Guests to your home will be sure to notice you admire quality, and they may even become conversation pieces.

It’s Easy to Maintain

Wooden furniture doesn’t require much more than a wipe clean with a soft cloth. Even wooden outdoor furniture keeps for a long time if regularly oiled, despite being exposed to the elements regularly.

On occasion, you might need to use some wood cleaner but avoid harsh chemical cleaners and surface sprays. Best of all, you can easily sand out any damage, such as a scratch, pencil marks, or denting. Do it yourself or have our custom woodworking shop help you with the repair.

It Brings Nature In

There’s a reason why natural wood features so heavily in meditative Japanese or calming Scandinavian design aesthetics. The health benefits of being in nature include everything from better memory to improved eyesight.

While it’s not clear whether natural materials in the home induce any of these benefits, it certainly can’t hurt to channel nature indoors. And what better way than to surround yourself with naturally colored wood furniture?

It’s Sustainable

You might be surprised to hear that wood furniture is sustainable. After all, aren’t we chopping down trees to make it? Well, that actually all depends on the type of wood you choose and the age of the piece.

Of course, second-hand furniture is sustainable simply because you save it from the landfill by buying it. Similarly, new wooden furniture made from a sustainably grown and renewable wood source is unlikely to head to the tip anytime soon.

Most people invest in real wood furniture as a lifetime purchase. And secondly, if you do need to get rid of it at some point in your life, it is sure to be snapped up quickly by quality furniture enthusiasts. And, of course, there’s the fact that real wood furniture is endlessly refurbished—paint it, stain it, sand it down, change the knobs, add new legs… you’re limited only by your imagination.

Get Natural Wood Furniture for Your Home

It’s easy to see why people choose natural wood furniture over mass-manufactured options. The wood’s unique colors and grain patterns, the feel of a solid chair in your hand as you pull it out from the table, and the craftsmanship are all appealing. And the higher purchase cost is easily offset by how long the furniture lasts.

If you’re ready to select natural wood furniture that will last a lifetime, visit our Colorado Springs showroom.

We’ve served woodworkers and homeowners in Colorado Springs for decades.

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