Making the Most of Your Space With a Storage Bed

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When you’re living in a small home or apartment, every square inch of additional storage space can make a difference. For those with a little more room to work with, a storage bed can help maintain a tidy, minimalist home.

storage bed colorado springs

A storage bed takes floorspace already being used by the bed and adds a function that provides more organization… or just a place to get those regretful online purchases out of your sight.

The benefits of a storage bed aren’t limited to the storage part. They are more solid than traditional bed frames and change the aesthetic of a room, with many other benefits.

Here is our guide to help you decide if a storage bed is right for you, and how to pick the right one.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Storage Bed

king storage bed

Storage beds come with a long list of benefits that make them so attractive. Like with all good things, however, they come with some trade-offs as well.

When deciding if a storage bed is the right choice for you, it’s important to make sure they’ll fit in with your lifestyle.

Pro: Well, Storage, of Course!

The most obvious benefit is the additional storage space they provide. A storage bed transforms the empty gap under the bed frame into a useful area for clothes, shoes, bedding, random clutter, or whatever else you want to store away.

They are especially beneficial in rooms with minimal floor space; rather than adding another dresser to the mix, you can double the usefulness of the area taken up by the bed.

Pro: Bed Frame Stability

No more wobbly bed frames or sunken mattresses. Storage beds provide a stable, sturdy frame with a solid platform for the mattress.

Pro: Adds Style

Who knew a storage solution could add so much elegance to your bedroom? They aren’t just practical, they also look great. The solid design adds luxury to the space and the wooden frame is timeless.

Pro: Easier Cleaning

The cleaning-related benefits go well beyond the ability to hide clutter in an instant. The added storage space means fewer items out in the open collecting dust.

Cleaning under the bed is easier, too; no more pulling out all the items stored under the bed just so you can sweep.

Con: Cost

A lot goes into the design and build of a storage bed, which is why it tends to be a more expensive option than a standard bed frame.

However, though it may be more of an investment upfront, the sturdy build of a well-made storage bed means it could last for decades.

Con: Difficult to Transport

A storage bed is much heavier and bulkier than normal bed frames, so transporting it can take more effort and planning.

How to Choose the Right Storage Bed

platform storage bed

You can get a storage bed from twin to cal-king. They are available with a range of storage options, depending on what you need.

If you will be storing large items such as bedding, an ottoman bed might be best.

If you’ll be using it to organize smaller items like clothes or books, then you will probably lean more towards drawers.

You can even get two levels of drawers if you are really craving some extra storage space.

For some easy-to-access organization, get a headboard with built-in storage. It can replace your bedside tables and free-up more floor space.

Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds use hydraulics to lift the platform of the bed and reveal the large empty space inside the frame. An ottoman bed is the perfect option if you have a lot of bulky items that you want to store away.

However, it’s a bit more of a hassle to access your belongings than it would be with drawers.

Divan Bed

A divan bed is a very sleek and stylish type of drawer bed frame. The sturdy wooden frame of the bed is covered with fabric and often paired with a matching headboard.

These look great in minimalist settings and provide a reasonable amount of storage.

Ottoman beds or beds with deep storage are better options if you require a lot of bed storage space.

Headboard Storage

Storage space isn’t limited to underneath the mattress. Headboards can provide additional organization too, ranging from narrow shelves to deep cupboards.

Deep Storage Bed

deep platform storage bed

If one row of drawers may not be enough for you, then how about two rows?

Deep storage beds have a raised platform to allow for more vertical storage space. You can get two rows of normal-depth drawers, one row of deep drawers, or a combination of the two.

These beds are usually taller than standard bed frames, so if you’re on the shorter side then prepare to jump into bed or get yourself a step stool.

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