Interior Door Replacement for a Fresh Living Space

interior door replacement

Interior doors often go neglected during room makeovers, yet upgrading them can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your home.

interior door replacement

If you’re ready to spruce up your space with an interior door replacement, then you need to consider both the functionality of the door as well as the aesthetics.

You can go for something bold and unique like barn doors in the bedroom, or keep an open concept feel with french doors in the living room.

Here’s our guide for how to decide the function and appearance for an interior door replacement.

Types of Interior Doors

Slab doors are the most common option, but they are far from being the only option. Interior doors are available in a range of styles, all with their own benefits and aesthetics.

Pre-Hung vs. Slab Interior Doors

The first thing you need to decide before you order your doors is whether you want pre-hung doors or slabs.

Pre-hung doors are doors that come with their own door frame and are pre-mounted. This is the way to go if your existing door frame needs replacing, or you want to perfectly match the door with the frame.

Slabs are the actual door itself, which are generally cheaper than buying pre-hung doors.

Slab / Panel Doors

interior panel door replacement

Slab doors, also known as panel doors, are the most common type of interior door. They are the standard single slab, hinged door that’s available in all different styles.

Contemporary and minimalist homes may be best served with doors that are entirely smooth or have only two panels.

If you want the doors to be more of a feature, you can go for 4-6 panel doors and doors with other eye-catching features, like arched trim.

French Doors

interior french door replacement

French doors are wood doors with a grid of multiple glass window panes.

If you need a door separating common areas in your open concept home, these are an excellent choice. They keep the space bright and add a luxurious feel.

Bi-fold Doors

interior bifold door replacement

Bi-fold doors are the perfect option for areas where space might be limited such as pantries, storage rooms, and closets. Two doors open in the middle, with each door consisting of two panels that fold in the middle.

Bi-fold doors aren’t the best option if young children are around as they can get their fingers caught.

Barn Doors

sliding barn door

Sliding barn doors, usually used in the bedroom, are a favorite of well-known interior designers for adding a dramatic WOW factor to the space.

The large wood door slides on a top rail to open and close. This style of door is usually made of solid wood, with a clear coat to display the wood grain.

Pocket Doors

pocket door

Pocket doors are another handy option for small spaces. They are a type of sliding door that slides into the wall and disappears when fully open.

Updating Your Existing Interior Doors

If you don’t want to go all the way with an interior door replacement but still want to change things up, consider what you can do to your existing doors. You can add texture to doors with a flat surface by adding decorative ​moulding trim​ or paneling.

An often overlooked change is simply swapping out the hardware for something new; it’s a great DIY project, affordable, and can have a big impact.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing some paint and getting to work. If you want to add a pop of color to your space but weren’t sure how, your interior doors are usually a safe choice. Lime green? Pink? Red? Go for it!

What You Should Consider When Ordering Custom Doors

custom doors

The best part about ordering custom doors is that you can get exactly what you want. You can have a replica of an existing door made, request interesting design features, and get the right design and style that’s perfect for your home.

Finished or Unfinished?

When ordering a custom door, you have the option of finishing the door yourself or having the workshop finish it for you. The doors can be painted, stained, or finished with a clear coat to show off the wood grain.

You’ll save some money by finishing it yourself, and be able to match it perfectly to your decor.

However, having a professional finish the door means it will be expertly done and ready to hang as soon as you get it.

Some rooms have different requirements that are worth paying attention to. For example, bathroom doors require additional waterproofing due to the constant moisture they are exposed to.

Custom Features

Taking your project to an experienced craftsman means you’ll get something that’s made just for you.

You can request the number of window panes in french doors, panels on slab doors, and any interesting features you may want. You can have them install your own hardware to match your existing doors, or choose something new for them to install.

No matter how unique the space is that you need a door for, one can be made.

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