CO Lumber Specialties is Southern Colorado’s source for doors.

We supply a full line of both interior and exterior doors.

Because we have the capability to hang doors in our shop, we are able to keep our standards at the highest level.

Exterior Doors

exterior doors colorado springs

Typically, exterior doors are going to be solid core doors made up of fiberglass, steel, or wood.

Generally, for front doors in Colorado Springs, fiberglass is the most common. The reason for this is that in most elements, a fiberglass core is going to hold up better than anything else.

Additionally, unlike steel doors, fiberglass doesn’t dent.

However, fiberglass is not the answer for every exterior door, and we do have steel and wood door options as well.

Our team at CO Lumber is very knowledgeable and can help you get the exact door you want and need.

Interior Doors

CO Lumber has a great selection of interior doors available through our suppliers or even our custom shop.

The most common interior doors are going to be a molded, paint grade door. These doors look great, are cost-effective, and are readily available.

Custom Doors

Our custom shop has the capability and we have made a number of custom front doors or interior doors.

This can be a great option if for people who need a particular size or style. Many custom home builders in Colorado Springs use our custom shop to make the perfect door.

Door Replacement

damaged door replacement colorado springs

A service that is unique to CO Lumber is door replacement. This is a great option, especially for renters who have a damaged door.

Our door replacement service allows customers to replace the door like new.

A customer can bring in the damaged door, and we order a door to match. We then route out where the hinges are and bore for the handle set.

When we’re done, a customer can just go home and screw the hinges in, put the knob back on, and make sure it just fits right back into place.

Whatever your interior and exterior door needs are, we would be delighted to serve you.