Murphy Beds: A Great Way to Take Advantage of Small Spaces

colorado springs murphy beds
murphy beds colorado springs

Murphy beds, also known as folding wall beds were introduced in the Anglo-Saxon countries in the beginning of the 20th century by the inventor William Lawrence Murphy. Since conception, they have always had the same objective: to solve the lack of space in people’s homes.

Commonly known as a Murphy bed, this style of folding bed is a piece of furniture that stores an entire bed frame and structure in its interior that contains a mattress inside. It can be used to rest or sleep at night and then be easily folded back in the morning. This way, it is possible to take advantage of the same space for different purposes and have functional places in small areas.

The Structure of a Murphy Bed

murhpy bed structure

The most common type of Murphy bed consists of a resistant bed base that is anchored by two axes in the header footer, which make up the structure of the furniture that contains it. It forms a horizontal line in which the bed can be opened or closed.

Its elevating folding system works from guides fitted by hydraulic gas springs, which allow it to open almost effortlessly. Some of them also have a built-in security anti-lock system while the bed is closed to avoid injuries.

There are many different types of Murphy beds and each one can be used for different spaces.

Bi-Fold Bed

This is a Murphy cabinet bed. When it is closed, it consists of a cabinet with two front doors. Its main advantage is the ability to store other things along with the bed which gives it a pleasant appearance and helps to improve the overall decor of a room.

Additionally, they can be converted from a cabinet to a comfortable bed in less than two minutes.

The Advantages of Murphy Beds

advantages of murphy beds

The main advantage of Murphy beds is that they allow you to get the most out of limited spaces. Especially for people living in studio apartments or very small places, this option may be the most appropriate.

Many times in families with more than one child, the decision to move to a more spacious place can be delayed for different reasons, including economic ones. This type of furniture allows children to sleep comfortably in different rooms, while during the day it works as their game room or the place for study when they are at school.

Today’s Murphy beds also come with additional practical features such as USB charging built in.

Perfect for Guests

murphy bed forhouse guests

Going with a Murphy bed is one of the easiest options when you know you are having guests staying overnight. You do not need to have an extra room that occupies a lot of space. You can have a couch or a Murphy cabinet bed that only gets opened when it is required.

The design of the Murphy bed has advanced a lot from its first days to the present time. Today, the best quality Murphy beds are easily and quickly foldable and unfoldable and can also be manipulated by a single person. In a few short minutes, it is possible to create a completely different environment, and what is better, some models can be operated automatically by remote control. This is the most recommended option for the elderly or for people who have mobile difficulties.

These types of beds have a support capacity similar or superior to traditional beds, being able to support from 265 pounds for a single bed, up to 400 pounds for a queen sized Murphy bed.

They are also very safe types of furniture since their opening and closing mechanisms must pass strict controls by the manufacturers. The manufacturers are also obliged to specify in which type of specific wall or set up the folding beds can be installed in, and in which places they cannot be placed.

Murphy Bed Safety Measures

There are also clear safety measures regarding bed closures when deployed. Always be sure to ask about everything you need to know about the bed’s safety. You can also find all the documentation from our manufacturer by visiting their website.

A Bed for Every Environment

Murphy beds are simple pieces of furniture that can be adapted and integrated into any type of environment and decor. They will allow you to organize environments with storage for small and large items and allow you to take advantage of all corners. In this sense, it is important to take into account some characteristics of the place, which will help you to better choose the type of Murphy bed you are looking for.

Here are some more points to consider before you make your purchase:

  • If the house or the apartment has high ceilings, you can opt for vertical models, while if the ceilings are low, it is advisable to use horizontal models.
  • They can also be found in double bunk format, one of the most popular ideas for children’s rooms.
  • You also have to consider the height of the bed because, due to the design of the furniture you choose, it may be lower or higher, and in some cases require a ladder to climb.
  • If choosing a bed for kids, the option of adding a handrail to avoid falls while they are asleep should be considered.

The Mattress

mattress for murphy beds

Our Murphy beds come with a memory foam mattress included. This ensures that the mattress is not only good quality but also is perfectly adapted to the width of the bed frame.

See Murphy Beds at Our Colorado Springs Showroom

If you are looking for more information about Murphy beds and how they work, feel free to visit our Colorado Springs Murphy bed store today.

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