About Us

In September 2001, CO Lumber was acquired by Trevor and Trish Ghee, who owned Rocky Mountain Cabinets, a local wood working company since 1993.Because of Trevor’s background, when the opportunity to buy CO Lumber came up, it seemed to be a perfect fit.

CO Lumber has always served an important niche in the Colorado Springs community. It was, and still remains, the primary retail source for woodworkers that aren’t buying items in huge quantities, which is something Trevor especially appreciated.

He always valued that someone could go in, get what you needed for a specific project.

Having CO Lumber remain locally owned and serving the community very important to the Ghees.

Developing Customer Relationship Through Continued Growth

The journey since 2001 has been an exciting one.

Watching the growth of CO Lumber, and being able to serve more customers has been great to see.

We’ve loved being able to develop long-term relationships with our customers and look forward to serving more Colorado Springs customers for years to come.

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